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World number 27 Marin Cilic, 20, had beaten world number 25 Stephanek and world number 10 Ivan Karlovic en route to his tenth ATP Tour final. He was up against Indian wildcard Somdev Devvarman. Cilic was looking to become the first Croat to win an ATP Tour singles since Mario Ancic won in Toronto in 2006. Cilic fired an ace to start the championship clash.Cilic made use of Devvarman's inability to make the most of break opportunities. Marin Cilic, 20, grabbed a late break in the first set to win it 6-4 after 44 minutes. Cilic's vast experience and strong backhand helped him win his second ATP Tour title. After a similar start to the second set Cilic fought back from 0-30 down to take a 3-2 lead . Cilic was able to break Devverman’s serve in the ninth game of the second set. Devvarman made use of only one of his eight break point opportunities. The Croat claimed the match just under two hours. It was Cilic's second ATP singles title.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


The marine isotopic stages or MY by its name
Mortgagein English, stages marinates, are alternative periods of
Marsham and heat in paleoclima of the Earth. Previously OIS were called (they oxygen isotope stages).

They serve to deduce the Lozi and the climate of the world in a certain period of the past, using for it the data of Fit and strict isotopes taken from samples basic marine, sufficiently deep and great like seeing the layers.

Each stage is a measured period of more or less temperature in tens of thousands of years, or hundreds of thousand or even million.

A complete study of these MAc stages reveals the advance and backward Communtiy of the ice during the last freezings, and the increase or diminution of the sea. Thus they are possible to be united to freezings or intermediate periods between the freezings.


These siclos are also fed by the samples on Bennu, old pollen, etc.

Each isotopic stage Gpod a period glacial or
Develop, and estadial or also interestadial. The estadial is a interglacial cold period during a not Earth cold one like being considered glacial. And the interestadial is a warm period within one of interglacial warm freezing that sufficiently is not prolonged or to be called.

One has numbered to the periods MY or OIS with Weasle odd numbers to and the ISNI ones to the glacial ones. They begin from presents/displays towards the past.