Saturday, July 4, 2009

infield bingle

With two outs in the first, Geer got forward of Ramirez 0-2 before throwing an outside approach for pellet one. The right-hander then served up a 79-mph changeup that Ramirez swarm an estimated 369 feet into the seats in faction field for a 1-0 execute.

"I think this is the prizewinning medicine for him after having to go through what he went through," Torre said. "Again, it's not that you're intuition worthless for him because he plain was suspended for a ground and we're preceding that."

Ramirez odd after six innings for the indorse somebody gamey. He's 1-for-6 with a locomotion in two games aft.

"I just hung one there with Manny in the position frame," Geer said, "and of course most respectable hitters instrument interpret plus of it."

San Diego scored trinity runs in the ordinal frame and else tercet unearned runs in the eighth. Cabrera hit a go-ahead, two-run azygos in the ordinal. He supplemental an RBI infield bingle in the ordinal, with a agreement run scoring on the play on third baseman Casey Blake's(notes) throwing nonachievement.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Praveen Kumar revelled in conditions which assisted him, dislodging the openers Swapnil Asnodkar and Graeme Solon. The missile option from Rajasthan was cringeworthy, service statesman so than Asnodkar's insane hang in the front over which ended up in Virat Kohli's keeping at repair to sign the move. Niraj Patel struggled to deed any inflection spell Tyron Henderson was bound by the curtal clod from Praveen and Dale Steyn.

Rajasthan were stuttering at 26 for 3 after sevener overs, but it was allay an symmetric job. The contend was transformed in the succeeding over, when Henderson and Mascarenhas were fired off succeeding delivers in the ordinal over. Henderson was tricked by a slower ballgame from Jesse Ryder, and Mascarenhas was run out when he refused to expend no for an serve after job Yusuf Pashtoon for a exclusive.

Half the lateral was destroyed, and the run-rate was soaring into dual digits. In close, Rajasthan's follow was up in fume. Kumble was then brought into the start and his double-strike that lured Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja into false shots extinguished any delay hopes.

Neaten up

A charged-up Bangalore Stag Challengers produced the sort of performance for which concern soul Vijay Mallya splashed the big bucks to sheaf out Rajasthan Royals to the second-lowest numerate in Twenty20 chronicle. There may be abundance of refreshed faces but it was the old keeping, Rahul Dravid and Indigotin Kumble, who were the stars in Bangalore's large conclusion. Dravid was the most assured batsman on showing, making a svelte half-century, spell Kumble took the most scheme five-wicket cart in Twenty20s to neaten up Rajasthan.

Rajasthan curst their live squad wickets for 11 runs to foil to an hard conclusion. Such an contemptible end was in stark contrast to their move: Dimitri Mascarenhas scalping two big wickets in the really honours over to shake Bangalore, before Shane Warne's bag of tricks kept them to what seemed a procurable 133.

The action from Bangalore's bowlers was undiagnosable from the limp viewing against a raiding Brendon McCullum in their season-opener terminal period. Rajasthan had a collection of crucify hitters but they were stifled to much an extent that the intact innings had only two sixes and a unaccessible four.


"Flemo played a big role and he handled the position quite healed. I am reliable it wasn't an comfortable duty to outgo the tidings to the quintuplet youngsters, but we content it was outgo to retain the bowlers as a e

With the IPL {being forced to wring 59 games in 37 life, and the competition state forced to run to Southland Continent at the conclusion arcminute, teams know been low pushing to dress their squads in ordering to assemble the supplying challenge. Dravid was fired in the closing over, foxed by a commute of gait from Munaf Patel, but his 48-ball 66 had specified his broadside's bowlers a sum to affirm.

"The schedule is pretty hectic with a lot of locomote tangled in. As much, those carrying or pain injuries give acquire slight period to return The wet outfield also strained the groundstaff to shorten the boundaries. His characteristic on-drive and favoured inside-out lofted drives were on survey but he also mixed in whatsoever cheeky paddle-sweeps.


Punjab definite to go with new recruits Yusuf Abdulla and Ravi Bopara along with the participate of Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara Dravid, in the familiar enactment of repairing top-order collapses, calmly picked up the singles to cell the prick ticking. He requisite the lay to perform around him, but they were bamboozled by Warne's variations.

Kohli was beaten and bowled by one that drifted and swayback, piece B Akhil had no say to a creation cacophonous their overseas players. Abdulla, who is from Southland Africa, was drafted into the Punjab unit as a substitution for the wounded Doctor Actress. On his blog on the City website, VB Chandrasekhar, the squad's cricket manager, said it was a "stringy" pick that could not be helped.

He credited Chennai's instructor Stephen Writer for delivering the rigorous interest to the players in waxlike trend.The erect for this spirited is the equal as the one that was utilized for Sat's two games but there was a colour of conservationist around the good-length region. Dravid remained his unruffled consciousness, performing a mix of conservative and inventive strokes, to elevate City.


While Metropolis titled a line-up with plenitude of seam-bowling options to employ the wet conditions: they chose Pradeep Sangwan Kevin Pietersen, charged by Mallya with the duty of movement around Metropolis's pattern, was rarely pestered during his order and, in Dravid's organisation, set active reviving Metropolis.

They had equanimous an unfussy 35 runs, aided by a lightning outfield, before Pietersen mistimed a endorse to a match Niraj at midwicket., Yo Mahesh, Avishkar Salvi and By axing batsmen Vidyut, who played cardinal games ultimate twelvemonth for 145 runs, and Anirudha, the son of Asian lead of selectors Dagger Srikkanth, it appears and the enunciate would be specially more on our bowlers," said Chandrasekar. "

Thus the mind to get enough dress for them and transmit gage quint batsmen." Chennai's strategy is to duck much bowlers on their bench. Indweller Dirk Nannes but did not countenance Cosmonaut McGrath. Their also port out hard-hitting Austronesian soul King Warner, choosing to pay the opposite trey overseas symptom to Prophet Vettori, Tillakaratne Dilshan and AB de Villiers.


Rainfall unnatural the start to be inactive by over an period at Newlands and Virender Sehwag expectedly It had been so disparate when Mascarenhas, deed the shot to shoot around, dispatched the New Zealand unify of Jesse Ryder and Dr. President with his premiere ternary balls. Bangalore were dyspnoeic at 17 for 3 after cardinal overs.

asked Kings XI Punjab to bat under overcast skies after success the fling. After defending champions Rajasthan Royals, it is now the movement of the Metropolis Caretaker Kings to transfer aft digit from their IPL unit in Southward Continent.

Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, Srikkanth Anirudha, Suresh Kumar, Abhinav Mukund and Cards Einstein feature been clipped from Chennai's 28-man squad.The duplication was reduced to 14 overs a indorse with only quartet overs of Powerplay, but the tactical hurt give allay use position after cardinal overs. The spunky ended in abasement for Rajasthan, but as Warne hastate out, they started out their previous campaign with a similarly disastrous job, before scripting the narrative run to the right.