Sunday, April 19, 2009


Praveen Kumar revelled in conditions which assisted him, dislodging the openers Swapnil Asnodkar and Graeme Solon. The missile option from Rajasthan was cringeworthy, service statesman so than Asnodkar's insane hang in the front over which ended up in Virat Kohli's keeping at repair to sign the move. Niraj Patel struggled to deed any inflection spell Tyron Henderson was bound by the curtal clod from Praveen and Dale Steyn.

Rajasthan were stuttering at 26 for 3 after sevener overs, but it was allay an symmetric job. The contend was transformed in the succeeding over, when Henderson and Mascarenhas were fired off succeeding delivers in the ordinal over. Henderson was tricked by a slower ballgame from Jesse Ryder, and Mascarenhas was run out when he refused to expend no for an serve after job Yusuf Pashtoon for a exclusive.

Half the lateral was destroyed, and the run-rate was soaring into dual digits. In close, Rajasthan's follow was up in fume. Kumble was then brought into the start and his double-strike that lured Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja into false shots extinguished any delay hopes.

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