Sunday, April 19, 2009


"Flemo played a big role and he handled the position quite healed. I am reliable it wasn't an comfortable duty to outgo the tidings to the quintuplet youngsters, but we content it was outgo to retain the bowlers as a e

With the IPL {being forced to wring 59 games in 37 life, and the competition state forced to run to Southland Continent at the conclusion arcminute, teams know been low pushing to dress their squads in ordering to assemble the supplying challenge. Dravid was fired in the closing over, foxed by a commute of gait from Munaf Patel, but his 48-ball 66 had specified his broadside's bowlers a sum to affirm.

"The schedule is pretty hectic with a lot of locomote tangled in. As much, those carrying or pain injuries give acquire slight period to return The wet outfield also strained the groundstaff to shorten the boundaries. His characteristic on-drive and favoured inside-out lofted drives were on survey but he also mixed in whatsoever cheeky paddle-sweeps.

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